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Most common snakes

The most common snake in residential areas is the eastern brown snake. Other snakes that you might see locally are:

  • red-bellied black snake
  • copperhead
  • western brown snake
  • tiger snake.

All of these snakes are venomous and are a risk to your safety.

What to do if you find a snake

If you encounter a snake outdoors on private or public land:

  • leave the snake alone
  • move away from it calmly
  • do not run or make sudden moves
  • be observant and watch where it goes
  • remain calm (do not shout, scream etc).

If you encounter a snake indoors:

  • watch where it goes
  • get everyone out of the room
  • close the door
  • call a qualified/licensed snake catcher.

Never try to catch, injure or kill a snake

It’s dangerous to approach a snake. Snakes are protected species and must only be handled by a trained and licensed snake catcher.

Removing a snake

Snake Aways is a licenced snake catching service and can remove snakes from private property for a fee.

Find out more about Snake Aways.

In case of snakebite

Seek urgent medical or veterinary assistance immediately. Dial 000 for emergency services if a human has been bitten. If your pet has been bitten get to a local veterinarian as soon as possible.

While waiting for medical assistance:

  • remain as still and calm as you can to slow the spread of the venom
  • apply a pressure bandage and immobilise the affected area if possible.

Minimising the risk of snakes

  • reduce food sources like bird seed and chicken feed
  • place pet water bowls away from your house
  • remove or reduce hiding places
  • keep gardens, yards and outbuildings tidy.

More information

Visit the Snake Aways information, first aid advice and removal of snakes.

Find out more about snake safety.

Find out more about living with snakes.