Possums can get inside your roof and cause damage to your property. They like to take shelter where it’s warm, dark and safe to sleep during the day.

How do I know if I have a possum problem?

First check that it is a possum and not a rat. If you’re not sure, contact a licensed pest control agent.

Check your home for:

  • broken or loose tiles on the roof
  • loose sheeting
  • holes around the eaves in timber or brickwork.

Possum problems

It’s illegal to kill possums. You can only legally remove a possum from an area if you have a permit from the Department for Environment and Water.

Removing a possum is a last resort as it will more than likely come back.

Possum proofing your house

Things you can do to prevent a possum problem:

  • fix your roof (secure lose or broken tiles, secure any lose roof sheeting etc)
  • place a bright light in your roof or garden area
  • attach sheet metal collars around the tree trunks, pergola posts or anywhere that possums may climb
  • prune overhanging branches
  • place barriers across access points to your roof
  • provide nesting boxes with nesting material and fresh fruit inside (away from your house).

Possum Deterrents

Amonia Wash down the area where possums are entering to eliminate their trail and smell.
Quassia chips Boil the chips and spray area where the possum is taking shelter. They don’t like the taste when they lick their paws.
Blood and bone fertiliser Place on the base of plants. This is not the best option if you have a dog.
Hot English mustard Spray onto plants and shrubs.
Scat or similar products These can be purchased from your local hardware store.

Removing possums

Before you remove a possum from your home you must apply for a permit from the Department for Environment and Water.

Trapped possums must be released the same day within 50 metres of the capture site. It is illegal and inhumane to relocate possums.

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