Illegal dumping

Illegally dumped waste.jpg

It is an offence to dump litter onto any Council or private land or into any waters. Significant penalties apply depending on the type and amount of litter.

Expiation fees range between $210 - $1,000.  If legal action is taken, a maximum penalty of $5,000 - $120,000 applies.

Failure to remove litter when asked by an authorised officer

If you are asked by a Council officer to remove items that you were found liable for dumping, and you fail or refuse to do so, you may incur a fine on the spot of $210 and a penalty of up to $5,000.

Reporting illegal dumping

If you see someone dumping rubbish or household items in West Torrens you can report it online via CityWatch, contact 8416 6333 or email the Service Centre.

Helpful information for investigations

  • where the dumping took place

  • the date/day and time

  • description of the person or people involved

  • description of the vehicle and registration number

  • amount and type of waste.

This information must only be obtained if it can be done so safely. Information given will be treated as confidential.

Shopping trolleys

Shopping trolleys that are left in a public place are considered to be illegally dumped.

When you use a shopping trolley, it is your responsibility to return it to the bays provided or to the store. Trolleys should not be taken from shopping centre premises.

Abandoned trolleys are unsightly and a hazard to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

The cost of collecting and replacing abandoned trolleys is paid for by the customer through increased product prices.

Who to contact if you find an abandoned shopping trolley

Business Contact
Coles, Kmart and First Choice Liquor 1800 876 553
Woolworths, Big W and Dan Murphy's 1800 641 497
Bunnings 1300 554 777
Officeworks 8299 9500
Aldi 13 25 34

For all Woolworths, Big W and Dan Murphy's trolleys visit the Trolley Tracker website.

For all Coles trolleys visit the Coles web site for options on how to report an abandoned trolley.

You can  also report dumped trolleys online via CityWatch, contact us on 8416 6333 or email the Service Centre.