Food safety rating scheme

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Food safety rating scheme

People dining out at eateries in West Torrens may have seen food rating stars at various venues. Our Council takes part in a state-wide food safety rating scheme and has been since 2016.

Food safety rating schemes, also known as ‘scores on doors’, are used as a way of informing customers about the food safety standards of food businesses such as restaurants, cafes and hotels. Providing information about the food safety of the businesses helps consumers to make an informed choice where they decide to purchase food.

How are ratings calculated?

The rating of the business is calculated using the results of routine food inspections undertaken by our Environmental Health Officers. On completion of the inspection, officers will provide a score that translates into a star rating.

Star ratings

Food businesses that achieve a high level of compliance with the Food Safety Standards at the time of the inspection will be awarded one of the following ratings:

  • 5 stars - Excellent.
  • 4 stars - Very Good.
  • 3 stars - Good.

Businesses which receive a rating of less than three stars will not be awarded a star rating. These businesses will be asked to undertake work to resolve issues and work with us to improve their compliance with the Food Safety Standards.

All relevant food businesses in West Torrens are inspected using the star rating system, however participation is voluntary and businesses can choose not to display their food safety rating certificate at their business.

Congratulations to the following local businesses who have achieved a 5 star food safety rating

The rating is based on the findings of a food safety assessment carried out in accordance with legislation by an authorised officer of the Council on the date indicated. The Council gives no warranty and will not be liable for any act of omission in connection with the rating, the condition of the premises, the quality of food or food safety standards of the food business on the date indicated or any time in the future.