Hairdressing, beauty and skin penetration

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Any hairdresser, beauty salon or skin penetration operator must ensure they operate in a safe and hygienic manner to minimise a public health risk to its clients.

Hairdressing is generally considered to be a low risk. However, some hairdressing practices may result in the spread of infection if instruments such as scissors, combs and razors pierce the skin, or instruments are inadequately cleaned between clients or handled in an unhygienic manner.

Beauty salons and other skin penetration services are required to comply with high standards of infection control to minimise the likelihood of infection or spread of diseases.

There are current guidelines for both the hairdressing and skin penetration industry:

All hairdressers, beauty salons and other skin penetration need to register their business with the Council. Complete the Beauty/hair/skin penetration business within West Torrens application form.

Hairdresser inspections

Council has introduced a self-assessment tool for use in low risk hairdressing businesses. In most cases, this self-assessment will replace the routine inspections that were undertaken by our Environmental Health Officers. This tool is designed to confirm that your business in operating in accordance with the guidelines.

Complete the online Hairdresser self-assessment form here or download a copy of the self-assessment form here.

Beauty salon and skin penetration

Inspections will continue to be performed on a routine basis and additional inspections will occur if complaints are received or investigations are required. Ad-hoc inspections may also be undertaken.