On and off leash areas


There are rules about places dogs can be allowed off-leash to run and play. These rules cover local streets, parks and beaches.

For more information view Council's By-law no. 5 Dogs.

Dog on-leash areas

Your dog must be kept on a leash when being walked:

  • on roads and streets
  • in public places (other than parks and reserves)
  • on any park or reserve during times when organised sport is being played
  • Fulham Community Centre.

The lead can be a leash, chain or cord up to two metres in length.

Dog off-leash areas

Provided your dog is under effective control, you can exercise your dog off-leash in the following areas:

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What is effective control?

Effective control means your dog:

  • is close to you at all times
  • responds to all verbal commands
  • can be seen by you at all times.

If you don’t have effective control of your dog, your dog may be deemed wandering at large, which is an offence.

Dog prohibited areas

Dogs are not permitted within the following areas in West Torrens:

  • fenced playgrounds
  • Clifford Street Reserve (outside of the designated dog park), Torrensville.

The Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 prohibits dogs from all South Australian school grounds, kindergartens, child cares and preschools without the permission of the person in charge of the site.