Caring for your pet


Microchipping and desexing

As of the 1 July 2018, new legislation came into effect that requires all dogs to be microchipped. Owners must microchip their dogs by 12 weeks of age, or at the point of sale. Microchipping is an inexpensive and efficient way to make sure your pet can be returned to you if lost.

Desexing your dog or cat prevents antisocial behaviour and unwanted litters.

All dogs and cats born after the 1 July 2018 must be desexed by a registered veterinary surgeon:

  • before it is six months of age, or
  • within 28 days after the owner takes possession of the dog or cat, or
  • if the owner of a dog or cat is granted an extension of time, before the day specified in the exemption.

Obedience schools for pets helps them learn how to behave around humans and other animals and provides owners with a greater understanding of their pets' behaviours and needs.

Find out more about Desexing, microchipping and obedience classes for your pet.

Fleas and worms

Fleas and worms can make your pet uncomfortable and unwell, but can be treated cheaply and easily.

Common pet diseases can be prevented by routine vaccinations.

Find out about worm and flea treatments and vaccinations for your dog or cat.

Dog Owners' Handbook

The Dog and Cat Management Board has a number of resources available for dog owners including the Dog Owners' Handbook, A guide to successful dog parks and Your dog and the law.

Cat Owners' Handbook

The Dog and Cat Management Board has revised and updated its Cat Owners' Handbook.

This booklet contains helpful information about owning a cat, as well as strategies to prevent your cat from causing a public nuisance or injury.

Buying or selling a dog or cat

If you're intending to buy or sell a dog or cat in South Australia, you may wish to read information which has been released by the Dog and Cat Management Board.

The Board has developed this information to help both sellers and purchasers understand and comply with South Australian dog and cat laws.

Thunderstorms and fireworks

Thunderstorms and fireworks can cause animals distress. 

Find out how to minimise anxiety in your pets.

Dangerous dog collars

These striped collars are dangerous dog collars worn by dogs that require special handling. People should never approach a dog they don't know without obtaining the permission of the dog’s owner, but never approach a dog wearing this collar especially if it is wandering at large.