Council review of expiation form

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The Expiation of Offences Act 1996 (the Act), the Road Traffic Act (1961) and Australian Road Rules include provisions that allow an expiation notice to be withdrawn if certain circumstances exist, or the offence could be considered trifling as defined by the Act.

To assist in determining if this expiation notice is able to be withdrawn on appeal, please select YES or NO to the questions below before completing the statement to support claim.

You will be asked to provide photographic evidence and/or supporting documentation to support your claim.

  1. If you answer NO to all of the questions listed on this page it is unlikely that the Expiation Notice will be withdrawn upon your appeal.
  2. It is important to note that offences against the Australian Road Rules regarding parking and stopping are not recorded against a driver’s traffic record, and do not attract demerit points.
  3. Section 15(4) of the Act provides that payment of an expiation notice does not constitute an admission of guilt or civil liability.  

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