Parking controls in your street


Why parking controls?

Parking controls are put in place to:

  • manage the sharing of on-street parking
  • give access to local businesses
  • maintain traffic flows
  • protect residential amenity.

Parking restrictions are reviewed in response to changing conditions and community feedback.

Changing parking restrictions in your street

Let us know about any parking issues in your street in writing. We need to know:

  • where the problem is
  • how often the problem occurs
  • about the cause of the issue
  • any past issues.

After we’ve reviewed your concerns we:

  • inspect the site
  • consult with residents, businesses, community organisations in the street
  • look at suggested and other possible solutions
  • consider local needs and possible impacts.

If changes are appropriate

We will survey everyone in the street to find out how much support there is for a change. The majority of people in the street must support the change if it is to happen.

If restrictions are introduced

You’ll be notified of any changes and when they will take place.

You may need to apply for a permit for yourself or your visitors to park on the street.

More information

Find out more about permits.