Your carbon footprint


Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon (C02) that you emit in any one year.

C02 is produced from many sources and is the primary gas responsible for Global warming and the resulting changes in our climate.

Calculate your carbon footprint.

Work out your carbon footprint by the carbon neutral calculator.

This tool can give a rough benchmark for the amount of carbon emissions you’re producing each year.

Its accuracy depends on the level of information you provide.

How to reduce your carbon footprint.

Many actions can be undertaken to reduce your carbon footprint including:

  • Purchase energy and water efficient appliances.
  • Eat less red meat.
  • Buy food that is grown locally.
  • Choose goods that are produced locally and made from local materials.
  • Walk, cycle, carpool or use public transport.
  • Minimise plane travel.
  • Avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle.