Climate Impact Statement

climate impact statement.jpg

As a Council, the City of West Torrens acknowledges the scientific consensus regarding the existence of climate change and the substantial contribution the human population is making to this via greenhouse gas emissions.

We are committed to responding and adapting to the impact of climate change by:

  • Considering climate adaptation in our decision making processes
  • Regularly reviewing and responding to the risks associated with climate change
  • Participating in the AdaptWest Climate Adaptation Program
  • Participating in the Western Adelaide Zone Emergency Management Committee
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by reducing energy and fossil fuel usage
  • Increasing the use of renewable energy and sustainable fuel sources.

The City of West Torrens will help increase the resilience of our community by:

  • providing community programs and grants
  • responsive infrastructure and greening programs that reduce urban heat
  • encouraging active transport and outdoor activities
  • protecting the community from the consequences of severe weather events and heatwaves.