Climate Mitigation and Adaption Strategy

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The City of West Torrens has developed its Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy 2023-2027.

This Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy is Council's response to the challenges we face as a community with climate change. It provides a framework for us to continue our work on mitigation (reducing greenhouse gas emissions) and adaptation measures (being able to adapt to the effects of a changing climate as they occur).

This Strategy primarily focuses on Council's own facilities and operations, but also aims to support the community to take action too. It builds on the significant amount of action already undertaken, and has linkages with Council's other strategic and operational plans, the regional adaptation program 'AdaptWest', and our emergency management and planning activities.

The Strategy includes key objectives that focus on climate mitigation and adaptation, and will be delivered through a range of long term and short term initiatives and a continual improvement approach to how we govern, plan, operate and deliver services.

The six key objectives are outlined below:

  • Strong Climate Governance and Organisational Culture
  • Community Resilience
  • A Low Carbon Council
  • A Water Sensitive City
  • A Green and Cool City
  • A Circular Economy.