About the Council Assessment Panel

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The Council Assessment Panel (CAP) is an autonomous planning authority appointed by Council to make decisions on development applications in accordance with the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

The majority of development decisions are delegated to the Council's Administration but in some cases it may be necessary to refer more complex applications to the CAP. Generally only a small percentage of development applications are considered by the CAP.

The CAP was previously known as the Development Assessment Panel (DAP).


The City of West Torrens Council Assessment Panel meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 5pm in the Civic Centre, 165 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton. View the CAP meeting dates.

The public and media are welcome at meetings, however there are general protocols for those wishing to observe the proceedings. Members of the gallery cannot take part in debate at meetings, do not need to stay for the entire meeting and may leave quietly at any time.

On occasions parts of the meeting may be closed to the public, when matters of a confidential nature are being discussed.

The CAP operates with its own terms of reference and meeting procedures. The Procedures stipulate certain procedures to be observed at or undertaken during meetings of the CAP. The CAP may, at any time by resolution, alter or substitute these Meeting Procedures.

View the terms of reference for the Council Assessment Panel.

View the Council Assessment Panel Operating Procedures.

Agendas and minutes

The CAP agenda will be available for public inspection at least five clear days before the date of the meeting and the CAP Minutes within five business days after the meeting, in hard copy at the Civic Centre and Hamra Centre Library as well as our website, except when a notice pursuant to section 302B of the Act amends this requirement. 

View the agendas and minutes for the Council Assessment Panel.

Note: Plans contained in agendas are subject to copyright and they should not be copied without authorisation. Please be advised the agenda is only available for viewing and printing is not possible.

Current CAP members

The Panel consists of one Elected Member and four independent members. The deputy members are appointed to act as a proxy for members if they are unable to attend a CAP meeting.

The current CAP has been appointed until 30 June 2025.

At its meeting of 13 December 2022, Council resolved to appoint Cr Graham Nitschke as the Council member of the CAP and Cr George Demetriou as the deputy Council member of CAP until 31 December 2026.

Review of Decision of Assessment Manager

An applicant may apply to the CAP for a review of a prescribed matter after the decision has been made by the Assessment Manager. This review process only applies to development applications made to an assessment manager acting as a relevant authority. The CAP have adopted the Review of Decision of Assessment Manager Policy to guide this process.

A prescribed matter is:

(a) any assessment, request, decision, direction or act of a relevant authority under this Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 that is relevant to any aspect of the determination of the application; or

(b) a decision to refuse to grant the authorisation; or

(c) the imposition of conditions in relation to the authorisation; or

(d) subject to any exclusion prescribed by the regulations, any other assessment, request, decision, direction or act of a relevant authority under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 in relation to the authorisation.

How to apply

An application for a review must be accompanied by a completed application form and review application fee.

Code of conduct and complaints

Members of the Council Assessment Panel are required to observe a code of conduct adopted by the Minister for Planning. This code sets out standards of conduct and professionalism that are to be observed by all members of assessment panels. View the Code of Conduct.

Please note that it is a requirement of the code that CAP members do not discuss any application that may be considered by the CAP with an applicant or representor.

Any complaints in relation to the actions of the Council Assessment Panel should be addressed to the State Planning Commission:

GPO Box 1815, ADELAIDE SA 5001 or via the State Planning Commission website.