West Torrens Dog Park



Located along the Westside Bikeway near Moss Avenue Marleston, this dog park includes a separate space for smaller dogs, a wash-down area, lawn and paved area.

The park provides nearby residents with a large open space to exercise both small and large dogs off lead.

Please observe the rules of use on display and be mindful and respectful of others and their dogs using the facility.

Some of the rules to keeping owners and dogs happy include:

  • Know the lingo: know how your dog reacts and intervene if they start to react or play too rough.
  • Teach recall: you may need to call your dog in a sticky situation or to protect them.
  • Keep walking: this stops big groups occurring which can be intimidating for other dogs.
  • No tornados: high energy dogs may intimidate others and may not be suitable in dog parks.
  • Remove equipment: leashes and harnesses may get stuck or other dogs may grab onto them; for your dog's safety, please remove before letting them run off-leash.
  • Stay alert: watch your dog and monitor the situation you've put your dog in.
  • Follow the rules: respect other park users, pick up after your dog, use the appropriate area and read the signs.
  • Keep the gates clear: make sure you don't stand in the way of the gates as other park users need to enter and leave.
  • It's ok not to go: if you can't follow all the rules then it is ok not to go; some dogs don't like off-lead areas and find them stressful. Go for a walk instead.

Watch the video 10 tips to help your dog enjoy a dog park.

Please be respectful to other park users and identify the correct small or large area you should use for your dog. As a guide, dogs that stand 48cm or above (from feet to head) should use the large dog park; those under 48cm should use the small dog park. Using the incorrect area is not an enforceable offence, however if you see another park user being disrespectful, please advise them. If your dog is not under effective control you may be expiated for the offence or asked by Council staff to leave the off-lead dog park. 

If you have any problems using the park contact us on 8416 6333.

West Torrens Dog Park