Parking controls and zones

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Parking controls

Parking controls serve the whole community’s best interests. Controls are put in place to:

  • ensure that vehicles are lawfully parked
  • ensure that vehicles do not over stay in time limited zones
  • remind motorists to avoid penalties and to maintain road safety.

Enforcement of parking controls

Enforcement is necessary because motorists don’t always follow the rules.

Community Safety Officers are on duty to enforce parking controls and minimise problems during normal working hours and other times and locations outside of working hours.

Find out more about parking and the South Australian Road Rules.

Information disclosures

The City of West Torrens may disclose personal information to the following government organisations for the purposes of traffic enforcement:

  • SA EzyReg
  • Other state government authorities including, but not limited to, VicRoads (Vic), Road Users Services (ACT), Roads and Maritime Services (NSW), Department of Transport (NT), CITEC (Qld), Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (Tas).

It should be noted that these government organisations may disclose personal information to the City of West Torrens for the same purpose.

No parking areas and zones

Vehicles cannot be parked:

  • on any footpath or verge
  • on parks or reserves
  • across driveways
  • within 10/20 metres of any intersection
  • in 'no stopping' or no 'parking zones'
  • in disabled parking zones without a permit
  • in bike lanes
  • in clearways or bus lanes during sign-posted times
  • near fire plugs or hydrants
  • within 3m of a postbox.

Timed parking zones

Vehicles can be parked for limited periods as displayed on signs located on the roadside or footpath. The signs clearly show:

  • the length time you can park e.g. 1 hour
  • times when restrictions apply e.g. 7am to 6pm
  • days the restrictions apply e.g. Monday to Friday.

Parking in a loading zones

Parking in a loading zone is permitted for:

  • vehicles meeting the eligibility criteria
  • no longer than the time specified on the sign.

Parking around schools

Parking restrictions are imposed by Council at and near schools to ensure a safer environment for all children and to optimise traffic safety and movement.

You cannot set down or pick up a school student:

  • in any area marked with a 'No Stopping' sign
  • within 20 metres before a school crossing
  • within 10 metres after a school crossing.
  • in any area marked with a continuous yellow line
  • in any 'Bus Zones'
  • in any 'Disabled Zones' (unless a current disability permit is displayed)
  • in any operational bicycle lanes
  • in any clearways
  • in any lane of traffic.

Find out more about road safety for school students.

Parking long and heavy vehicles

A vehicle is not permitted to stay parked in a built up area for longer than one hour if it is:

  • over 7.5 metres in length
  • and/or 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass or over.

Find out more about parking long and heavy vehicles.

Parking vehicles three tonnes or over

Vehicles three tonnes or over cannot be parked on a residential premises without Council approval.

Parking a vehicle over three tonnes on a residential premises is considered to be a change of use from residential use to industrial use.

Find out more about parking long and heavy vehicles.


Expiation notices (parking tickets) are issued when vehicles are parked contrary to the Australian Road Rules

Further expiation notices may be issued when a vehicle remains parked in the same location after the first notice has been issued.

Find out more about expiations.

Pay a parking ticket online.

Reporting illegally parked cars

Illegally parked vehicles are best reported to our Customer Service team at the time the offence is happening. You can report via our online Chat service or by contacting us on 8416 6333.

Reporting a suspected abandoned vehicle

Notify the Council for a vehicle that has been discarded and has been left in the street for longer than 24 hours.

Vehicles that are owned by residents nearby to where they are located, whether actively used or not, are not abandoned vehicles.

Vehicles owned by residents nearby to where they are located can be parked in the street for any length of time provided they are parked legally.

Before reporting a suspected abandoned vehicle to us, please contact the SA Police on 131 444 to check if it is stolen or unregistered; if so it will be a SAPOL matter. If it is not stolen or unregistered, please email the Service Centre or contact 8416 6333.

Unregistered vehicles

Unregistered vehicles that are parked on the street are not necessarily abandoned as they may belong to someone nearby.

Unregistered vehicles are the responsibility of SA Police, not the City of West Torrens.

Vehicles which are owned by nearby residents can be parked in the street for any length of time, provided they are parked legally. A vehicle which is on the street and is parked illegally is more likely to be abandoned, rather than unregistered.

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, Council staff are not authorised to act upon unregistered vehicles. You must contact SA Police, 131 444.