Ground and bore water


Ground water

Groundwater is water stored in underground aquifers (layers of rock). It’s also called bore water.

Sometimes these can be more than 100m deep. Groundwater is recharged naturally from rainfall and large nearby bodies of water.

Bore water

Bore water is ground water that has been extracted using a bore.

Using ground/bore water

Ground/bore water can be used for:

  • irrigation
  • washing vehicles and boats
  • manufacturing processes
  • industrial processes.

Ground/bore water may contain chemicals and micro-organisms that can be harmful to us and the environment. 

It’s recommended that all ground/bore water is tested before use.

Find out more from the EPA

Ground and bore water in West Torrens

We use bore water at Weigall Oval, Thebarton Oval and Camden Oval.

About 70 mega litres of bore water is used each year for irrigation.