Rain garden interpretive trail

The City of West Torrens is concerned about the environment and how we can use and reuse resources better.

One of those resources which all suburbs have is storm water (water run off) that comes from the rooftops of houses, roads and footpaths, which normally ends up in drains and flows out to the ocean. The problem with storm water is that is gets polluted with things such as leaves, dust, animal waste, garbage, automotive fluids and cigarette butts, which can all end up in our ocean and harm our aquatic life. 

Rain gardens, also known as 'green infrastructure', help filter out those pollutants so that the water that ends up in our creeks, rivers and ocean is much cleaner and safer for our environment. West Torrens has a number of rain gardens in its suburbs. In order to help our community gain a better understanding of how they work, the City of West Torrens has created a Rain Garden Interpretive Trail. This trail, which can be walked, cycled or driven around, covers a number of suburbs which are home to numerous rain gardens.