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Allow me to introduce to you the City of West Torrens, or as we call it, CWT. If you are considering applying for a position with us, I trust that the information provided here and within our booklet will be useful.

The Local Government sector can be quite a demanding industry to work in as we try and accommodate the needs and wishes of our community, but it is incredibly rewarding when we get it right. My own personal mantra is for a bias towards saying yes. If something looks like it may be difficult to do, don’t just say no and put it in the too hard basket; take up the challenge and find a way forward.

Part of our journey in striving for success has been based around our own growth at CWT; not just in terms of staff numbers but also our approach. We understand that people who feel valued and satisfied in their roles are more likely to enjoy what they do and look for ways to continue to strive for excellence.

At CWT we are building a culture that revolves around people. It’s one where we want to share our experiences, celebrate our successes, be involved and inclusive and, above all, work as one team.

I recognise that everyone at CWT has their own strengths and expertise; what we’re endeavouring to achieve is to provide opportunities where those strengths and expertise can shine through.

The saying ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got’ is where we have come from. Today we are doing things differently to achieve different outcomes.

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