Continuous Improvement


The seven most expensive words in any organisation are 'We have always done it this way'.

That's why here at the City of West Torrens we are committed to continuous improvement, and finding ways to streamline processes and achieve more with less.

Council provides community government services to more than 56,000 residents, and demands for our time and resources are always increasing. For us to achieve more with less and have an opportunity to undertake new and diverse projects, our Council has adopted a 'lean thinking' approach across the organisation.

Lean thinking, or continuous improvement, is not new. It's about finding more efficient ways to perform duties, while maintaining high  quality output.
In 2012 we appointed a Lean Thinking Coordinator to look at areas where Council could improve its processes. As a result, we successfully completed a number of projects which not only benefit our staff, but our community as well.

As we mature and build internal capability as a Lean Organisation we are now training staff to be involved in the continuous improvement process, and champion the methodology across all areas.