Waste to landfill bin (red lid)

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Council provides a 140L bin with a red lid for household waste.  It is collected weekly.

What goes in your waste to landfill bin

  • broken glass (wrapped)
  • cling/film wrap
  • clothing/rags
  • crockery (wrapped)
  • garden hoses
  • glossy or coated takeaway paper / cardboard food packaging e.g. coffee and drink cups
  • kitty litter: clay and crystal types (wrapped)
  • nappies
  • plastic bags
  • polystyrene/foam packaging
  • polystyrene food or meat trays
  • rope
  • soft plastic packaging (unless able to be recycled at a supermarket soft plastic collection)
  • strapping
  • vacuum cleaner dust, bagged.

What not to put in ANY bin

Our A-Z guide of waste and recycling can provide you with helpful information of how to dispose of these items.