Moveable signs

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Moveable signs are A-frame and similar types of freestanding signs that can be easily moved. All businesses can have one moveable sign for placement on the footpath, road verge or other council property.

All signs must comply with council’s By-Law No 4 for Moveable Signs.

Development approval is not required.

Conditions for using moveable signs

If you’re using a moveable sign for your business the following conditions apply:

  • the sign must relate to the business
  • only one sign per business is allowed per street frontage
  • the sign must be placed located in front of the premises
  • the business must be open while the sign is displayed
  • if the business is open during the hours of darkness the sign must be visible and clearly lit
  • signs on vehicles are not permitted
  • the sign must not rotate, contain flashing lights or be illuminated internally.

By-Law 4 Moveable Signs

Content of the sign

The sign must be:

  • attractive, legible and simply worded to convey a precise message
  • painted or otherwise detailed in a competent and professional manner.

The sign must not:

  • be painted in a way to mislead the public that it is a safety warning or police sign
  • have balloons, streamers or other objects attached to the sign.

Size and materials

Signs can be constructed using timber, metal, plastic or plastic coated cardboard (Corflute).

The maximum size allowed is 1,000 mm high x 600mm wide x 600mm deep.

Moveable signs on the footpath fact sheet

Allowable placement of moveable signs

Moveable signs can be placed between the footpath and the edge of the road. Signs must:

  • not obstruct use of the footpath
  • be placed in a safe position and securely anchored down
  • be placed no closer than 400 mm to the edge of the carriageway (kerb)
  • be placed no closer than two metres to any fixed object on the footpath
  • be placed no closer than one metre to a driveway, corner of a building, or corner of a street or road
  • not be placed on any footpath area that is less than 2.5 metres wide
  • not be placed on a sealed part of the footpath if there is an unsealed part.


Moveable signs are not allowed on any median strip, traffic island or footpath contrary to the conditions of By-Law No 4 Moveable Signs.

Signs that don’t comply with this may be removed and disposed of by an authorised 'Council officer.

An expiation notice may be issued to the person responsible for the sign.


If you place a sign on any part of a footpath or road contrary to provisions of the by-law provisions or without approval you will be open to liability.

If anyone is injured or there is damage to property you can be held responsible.