Mayors for Peace


The City of West Torrens is a member of the International Mayors for Peace Organisation.

Established in 1982 by the Mayor of Hiroshima, the International Mayors for Peace Organisation aims to abolish nuclear weapons and prevent a nuclear war. It's primary goal is to 'work internationally to raise consciousness regarding nuclear weapons abolition and to pursue world peace by working to address starvation, poverty, refugee welfare, human rights abuses, environmental destruction and other problems that threaten peaceful coexistence'.

The City of West Torrens has been a member of the Organisation since 2007, which is represented in more than 165 countries and 8,000 member cities.

Find out more about the Mayors for Peace here.

In July 2021 the Mayors for Peace adopted the 'Vision for Peaceful Transformation to a Sustainable World 2021-2025'.

The vision outlines three objectives:

  • Realise a world without nuclear weapons.
  • Realise safe and resilient cities.
  • Promote a culture of peace.

This new vision and action plan can be read here.