About your rates


The City of West Torrens uses capital values as the basis for valuing land within the area, with valuations purchased from the Valuer-General on an annual basis by the City of West Torrens for its use. Council adopts a rate in the dollar to apply against each separate property valuation to arrive at its rate.

This formula is adjusted by applying a minimum rate set by Council each year. This ensures that all property owners contribute to the cost of services and the maintenance of infrastructure that supports each property. Council cannot apply the minimum rate to more than 35 per cent of properties within the council area.

Council rates are a property tax levied on individual properties throughout the area.

Who pays rates?

All property owners pay rates including residents and businesses.

Where your rates go

We are able to maintain a number of services with the help of your rates. These include:

  • library services
  • waste collection
  • infrastructure such as roads, storm water, kerbs and footpaths
  • parks and reserves
  • playgrounds
  • bikeways
  • aged care services
  • health care services
  • street lighting.

View our 'Day in the Life of West Torrens' video which shows where money is spent.

Adoption of valuations

The Valuer-General's capital valuations for all properties within West Torrens area was adopted by the City of West Torrens on 18 July 2023.

The valuations totalled $26,625,407,500.

This valuation was used for determining rates for the year ending 30 June 2024.

Capital Values

For information on how your property is valued go to the Office of the Valuer General.

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Declaration of rates

The differential general rates in the dollar based on capital values for 2023 - 2024 are:

  • 0.00196158 rate in the dollar on rateable land of category 1 use
  • 0.00510026 rate in the dollar on rateable land of categories 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 use.

The minimum amount payable for general rates on rateable land is $1,066.

The contribution to the Regional Levy Boards (Green Adelaide Board) is 0.00007449 rate in the dollar based on capital gain.

How rates are calculated

Each year we budget how much money we need to provide for our community. We then divide this figure by the number of properties within West Torrens to give us a ‘rate in the dollar’ figure. The rate in the dollar is applied against the value for each property to tell us its rates.

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More information

Email the Service Centre or contact 8416 6333.