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Between the City and the Sea

Between the city and the sea : a history of West Torrens from settlement in 1836 to the present day, was written by Peter Donovan in 1986 as part of the South Australian Jubilee 150.

Foreword by His Worship the Mayor, S. J. Hamra, Esq., M.B.E, J.P.

‘Between the city and the sea’ is a history of West Torrens from its settlement in 1836 to the present day.

This book covers many interesting aspects of the early days of settlement and was commissioned by the West Torrens Council to mark South Australia’s 150 Jubilee and to preserve for future generations the historical events which formed the character of the city as we know it today.

The author, Mr. Peter Donovan, B.A. (Hons.), M.A., is a prolific writer on South Australian themes. He was the foundation president of the Association of Professional Historians and is to be commended on the depth of research which has gone into the compiling of this publication.

The reader will observe differing ways and life styles which evolved throughout the years and many will feel a sense of pride in knowing that their ancestors helped to shape the past. In turn, they are helping to shape the future of this city, so that it may be a place in which all can live in peace and harmony and share in the benefits to be derived from a way of life which provides fulfilment through ‘Progress tempered by Wisdom’ as depicted in the motto of the City of West Torrens.

 S.J .Hamra - Mayor

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Thebarton Old and New

This is the story of everyday life in Thebarton from the earliest days prior to white settlement, to European settlement and rapid urbanisation. Dr Pauline Payne carefully takes the reader through the pageant of the years, from the old to the new.

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Gateway City

The City of West Torrens turned 150 years on 7 July 2003, giving it the distinction of being the second oldest metropolitan council in South Australia. This history has been written to commemorate this milestone. The book's primary purpose is to outline the chief developments of the city.

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A Pictorial History of West Torrens

My idea of compiling this Pictorial was brought about by requests from many students and youth leaders wanting to know more of how people lived and what the area was like in earlier days. The photographs shown, have been lent from private albums. West Torrens Historical Society files. Council Records, local Industries and Department of Transport at Adelaide Airport. My very grateful thanks are extended to all who lent photographs, members of the West Torrens Historical Society for their support and my husband and son for their patience and understanding over the months our home resembled a photographic workshop. MAYBELLE MARLES OAM.

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The Corporation of the City of West Torrens Centenary 1953

This booklet, prepared under the authority of the Council by the Town Clerk in 1953, is a brief recording and recounting of the Council of the Local Government area of West Torrens and its activities throughout the century from its inauguration 7th day of July, 1853.

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Thebarton Cottage

Historical reference materials put together by the Thebarton Historical Society. Information drawn from "Thebarton Cottage" - The old home of Colonel William Light, Charles Fenner 1928 and Colonel Light's 'Theberton Cottage' and his legacy to Maria Gandy: a re-consideration of the evidence, by John TREGENZA, 1989.

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History of Thebarton Manuscript by Ingrid Srubjens

Long before the British arrived in South Australia, the area now known as Thebarton was occupied by members of the main ’Adelaide tribe’, the Kaurna. They were one of about 50 separate groups in South Australia, whose origins extend to perhaps 40,000 years before the arrival of the Europeans.

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West Torrens Suburb Names - Old and New 1853-2007

Some insights into their derivation and locality. Compiled by John Andrewartha and Geoffrey Grainger based on information from “Manning’s Place Names of South Australia", and West Torrens Historical Society Inc. files. 

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West Torrens Street Name Origins

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1924 The District of Mile End and Environs Souvenir

"Your own district contains wonderful potentialities - give the local traders your support and help in the progress of one out the oldest established districts in the State" - Mayor Pretty

With photos of Thebarton Infant School, Thebarton Oval, Colonel Light's residence in Wingwood Street, Southwark, and advertising MacRobertson's Old Gold cocoa essence, Amgoorie Tea, Lecornu's Drapery Stores, Mile End Hotel, IXL, Menz, Dodge Brothers motor cars and Metters stoves, this publication is a snapshot of local businesses in the area.

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Thebarton Central School 1879-1929

Back to Thebarton School Jubilee Celebration commemorative booklet. Programme of the schools 50th anniversary celebrations in April. Includes history of the school, photographs of the school committee and buildings. This booklet also contains many advertisements for businesses in the Thebarton, Mile End and Torrensville area.

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Corporation of the Town of Thebarton Fiftieth Anniversary 1933

Jubilee Celebration of the Proclamation of the Town of Thebarton 1933 commemorative booklet. Includes a programme of concerts in the New Town Hall in November; photograph of Mr. Benjamin Taylor, first mayor of Thebarton; 1933 council members; the old Town Hall (1885); the new Town Hall (1928) and a history of the town of Theberton, England.

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