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There are two Council operated community gardens within West Torrens, in the suburbs of Plympton and Torrensville. Both gardens run on an allocated plot system, where each gardener is responsible for their own plot. Garden plots are available for West Torrens residents, and there are no fees involved in taking on a plot. 

Community gardens provide a range of benefits in addition to producing your own food as they get like-minded people together to share a common interest. Many people who are involved in community gardens find that the activity helps relieve the stress and strains of everyday life and gives them a chance to make new friends and stimulate social interaction.

Growing your own produce also gives you a chance to be more self-reliant while providing nutritious food, which can be shared among others involved in the garden. Community gardens also have many environmental benefits including beautifying the neighbourhood, improving air and soil quality, increasing biodiversity of flora and fauna and reducing 'food miles' required to transport nutritious food.

Garden locations

Clifford Street Reserve

Clifford Street, Torrensville

Clifford Street, Torrensville 5031

Plympton Community Centre (behind the centre)

34 Long Street, Plympton

34 Long Street, Plympton 5038

Apply for a plot

Important information

Please do not proceed with a Community Garden plot application if you are uncertain about any of the terms and conditions or your ability to regularly tend to the plot.

It is advisable to view the Gardens first to ensure suitability before applying for a plot. Contact us at to book a viewing time or phone 8416 6333.

Once received, applications are processed and if approved by our staff your plot will then be assigned and confirmed with you.


We do not take any tentative applications.

To apply for a plot you must be more than 18 years of age.

To apply for a plot you must reside within the City of West Torrens.

Only 1 plot per person.

Book a site tour

Each space has a weekly Open House viewing session, or you can request an alternative appointment time. Please follow this link to view the Open House times and make a booking. As the venues are in use every day, please refrain from entering the space without an appointment outside of the Open House viewing sessions.

Online application

To apply online for plot please complete and submit the Community Gardens application form.

Plot structure application


  • Solid materials cannot be used for the roof or sidings, shade-cloth is a good choice for sun protection.
  • Structures should not exceed the boundaries of your Plot, make sure you keep your structure within the limits of your Plot. Your structure can form a partial covering.
  • No part of a structure can be fixed to any point that falls outside of your Plot, keep your structure to the space within your Plot and use fixings that are easily removed such as stakes and ground pegs.
  • A plan detailing all structure measurements, fixing points and material choices and must be submitted with this application to be considered for approval.
  • Any structures / shade fixtures or garden materials are paid for by the Plot holder

Community Garden Plot structure application form

Unable to temporarily tend to my Plot?