Schools and pre-schools


The Project Officer - Waste and Recycling is available to speak with staff and students. Sessions can be tailored to aspects of the curriculum on Sustainability, with a focus on waste, recycling and resource recovery. Advice can also be provided on waste management systems suited to educational sites.

Sessions for staff and students

Resource recovery: what and why?

This can include a recycle relay for students. To provide a more thorough coverage of the topic, a series of sessions is available and includes council resource recovery services for residents and what to do with tricky waste items.

Suitable for Year 2 and above.

Go for green and gold

An informative, interactive and fun activity. Students wear yellow or green hats to help them to sort 'rubbish' into different categories for recycling or organics and discover how little needs to go to landfill via the red-lid bin. The session also focusses on the importance and benefits of resource recovery.

Suitable for pre-school and early years' students.

Composting or worm farming

The session focuses on how to ensure a healthy worm farm or compost system and can include testing foods for their pH level.

Suitable for Year 2 and above.

Comprehensive information about these systems can be found in the 'Composting at home' and 'Worm farming' booklets available in hard copy from the Civic Centre or on the food waste recycling page.

Resources available

Food waste recycling

Free food waste caddies and rolls of compostable bags are available to help schools recycle food waste. For more information contact the Project Officer - Waste and Recycling on  8416 6333.

Mini bin sorting game

Pack comprises six sets of mini bins (red, yellow and green lids) and sorting cards on a range of items; some easy and some more challenging. Answer guides provided.

Suitable for a range of ages.

Recycle right bingo

Pack comprises 30 laminated bingo cards, clue cards and 30-plus bags of colour-matched milk bottle tops for card markers. A great way to learn interesting facts about common recyclable items.

Ideal for primary/middle years' students.

Nude food: a wasteless lunch board game

Pack comprises 12 nude food fabric boards, dice and plastic lids of different colours for counters (sufficient for three players per board game).

Suitable for early years' students.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle game

The game is available in two formats:

  • 3m square game mat suitable for indoor or outdoor use with a large die
  • 15 small playing mats (40cm square), dice and plastic lids for counters.

This is a fun way to learn how to reduce waste, reuse items and recycle better.

Suitable for primary/middle years' students.

'Big books'

The WOW big books comprise:

  • 'The Amazing Journey of your Recyclables'
  • 'The Journey of My Bins'.

Suitable for pre-school children.

Available for download from

'Litter Less'

Pack provides students with authentic learning contexts in which to understand and respond to litter and littering issues. For more information see

Designed for years 4 to 7.

Borrowing resources

Contact the Hamra Centre Library or the Project Officer - Waste and Recycling on 8416 6333 to arrange for resources to be available for collection from the Hamra Centre Library, Brooker Tce, Hilton.