Community Plan

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West Torrens is an attractive metropolitan area that is in a state of economic change and growth, with new housing developments, roadways and shopping facilities. As such, it is important that the decisions our Council makes today outlast our changing environment.

The 'Community Plan 2030' is Council’s strategic planning project to determine key priorities for West Torrens for the next decade.

In 2009 our original Community Plan was comprehensively reviewed in conjunction with our community to ensure that it captured their needs and expectations for the future. As a result, a new 'Towards 2025 Community Plan' was developed.

Since that time, the Plan has undergone three major reviews, the most recent in 2019 - 20 to ensure that our community's needs and aspirations are still being met, or if they have changed. As we progress into the future, our Plan will be further reviewed.

What is the Community Plan?

The Community Plan 2030 is the lead document in Council’s suite of strategic management plans. This Plan is a statement of what the City of West Torrens will do to help achieve the community’s vision of: 'West Torrens - committed to being the best place to live, work and enjoy life'.

The Plan is supported by various specific strategies and plans that guide our decision making and the day-to-day management of our city. These include financial management plans, asset management plans (eg buildings, roads, footpaths, stormwater) and various corporate and service delivery plans.

Why do we need a Community Plan?

One of the objectives of a council is to be responsive to the needs, interests and aspirations of individuals and groups within its community. We are also required to provide services, facilities and programs that are adequate and appropriate for our community. The Local Government Act 1999 requires councils to develop and adopt plans for the management of their area that are referred to as strategic management plans.

Strategic planning establishes the future direction for the entire council in consultation with the local community - that is everyone who lives, works or visits the area. It provides an opportunity to determine Council’s long-term objectives, evaluate its operations and develop strategies to address unique local issues. It also helps us identify opportunities to contribute to the achievement of State Government objectives, explore the potential to work in partnership with other government organisations in service delivery and participate, where appropriate, in activities on a regional basis.

What the plan says

The Community Plan 2030 has five focus delivery areas:

  • Community life
  • Built environment
  • Prosperity
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Organisational strength.

Together these five focus areas help us reach our vision of being the best place to live, work and enjoy life.

View the Community Plan 2030 online. You can also download a pdf version.