Stobie pole art

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Would you like to add some colour to your street?

The City of West Torrens celebrates and encourages Stobie pole painting as a way to reflect the diverse and colourful community that we are, on to our streets.

To support Stobie pole painting, we have provided some easy to follow (and important to know) information to help you on your way. 

Simple patterns, intricate works of art, stencils, shapes - the ideas are endless. You can create your own design independently or theme your connected street, community or group. 

Looking for some inspiration?  Check out the Stobie pole art gallery below.

How to apply

1. First step - apply to SA Power Networks

Not all Stobie poles can be painted so it's important to check if yours is okay by completing the online SA Power Network Pole Painting Application Form.

This includes:

Name, number, email, number of Stobie poles (you can paint other people Stobie poles if you have their written permission - even better, you can encourage them to do their own), location of Stobie pole, photo - full height of Stobie pole, a description of what you intend to do.

2. Next - Council approval

Once you have the SA Power Networks go ahead, you need to apply for Council approval from City of West Torrens - that us.
Simply complete the online Stobie Pole Artwork Application form and you're nearly done.

This includes:

Name, phone number, address, email, location and number of Stobie poles, plus:

  • Your approval from SA Power Networks.
  • A sketch of your proposed idea - this is a really good opportunity to get your idea out of your head and onto paper before you go straight to the Stobie pole - and we need to see it, before you paint it. Please refer to the Stobie Pole Design Template.
  • Approval from property owner if you are renting property where stobie pole is located.
  • Approval from neighbour property owner/resident - if you are painting a Stobie pole that is in front of a property in which you are not an owner/resident.

3. Last but definitely not least - paint your Stobie pole

We can't wait to see your Stobie pole which you can share via the Show us your Stobie Pole Artwork form.

Some useful things to know and some important rules

  • Maximum height of painting from ground - 2 metres.
  • Paint a white base/primer coat first - the concrete is very absorbent making it difficult to paint straight on to pole.
  • Use exterior paint - preferably water based.
  • You will be responsible for any ongoing maintenance of the artwork - if tagged, SA Power Networks will paint over the work at their discretion - if hoping to be long term, you could consider using an anti-graffiti coating.
  • Safety first - when painting, consider your own and the public's safety by wearing hi-vis vest or similar and use orange cones or something visible to create a barrier.
  • Send us (and SA Power Networks) images of your completed Stobie pole for our records.
  • Share online using #StobiePolesOfWestTorrens
  • Sit back and enjoy the smiles on people's faces as they enjoy your new colour on the street.

Stobie pole art gallery