Rough sleeper assistance

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In order to provide support and assistance to those who are vulnerable in our community, we have adopted a series of guidelines to help people who may be homeless or sleeping rough in West Torrens.

These guidelines provide our staff, and our community, with expectations on how we will help and manage those who may find themselves in these situations. They have been developed based on discussions with SA Police.

This may include:

  • providing a referral to a service provider
  • providing general support
  • moving on and/or dealing with aggressive behaviour.

In many cases homelessness is not a choice. It is one of the most potent examples of disadvantage in the community and one of the most important markers of social inclusion (Department of Human Services, 2002).

Council is committed to a socially inclusive community and to helping connect people sleeping rough in West Torrens to opportunities for services, support and assistance.

The Guidelines are based on the following principles:

  • Homeless people’s rights and responsibilities are the same as everyone else’s.
  • Homeless people may have an affiliation with certain public spaces.
  • Homeless people have a right to be in a public space without fear of harassment, as well as the responsibility not to infringe on others.
  • Homeless people require access to infrastructure in public spaces to meet some of their basic needs.

The Guidelines outline the main two referral points/services for homeless people and the strategies that will be implemented to:

  • Assist rough sleepers/homeless people.
  • Move rough sleepers/homeless people from an area.
  • Deal with aggressive and/or threatening behaviours.

Read the guidelines here