Digital Search Assistant Chatbot


Hi. You can ask me all sorts of questions and I'll do my best to find the answer on our website.

When I give you a preview of the answer, always visit the link I give to make sure its correct. There's a limit to how much my preview can show, so there might be more information on the page.

Some tips to help me out

  • If your question is about something specific like the library, make sure you mention it in your question. As an example, "What are the opening hours at the library" .
  • Keep your questions short and simple full sentences, not just keywords.
  • You can ask about what bins specific items go in like, "What bin do pizza boxes go in"
  • Find out when your next bin day is and which bins are due to go out, "When is my bin collected"
  • You can ask is the JP is currently available at the library "Is the JP in?"
  • During business hours if you say "I want to speak to a real person", I'll close my window and start our Live Chat.
  • If I can't answer your question I will suggest a couple pages where you might find the answer
  • My human creators are monitoring what questions get asked and will keep improving me if I get it wrong