CityWatch - report an issue


Submit request

Have an issue you would like to report to us? You can log your request via CityWatch and check back later on the status of your requests.

Watch the following video to learn how you can submit a request using CityWatch, our online tool designed to help make it easier for you to report an issue to us. CityWatch lets you view the status of a submitted request, choose a location from an interactive map and attach photos.

What types of requests are there to choose from?

You can choose from any of the following request types:

  • branch or tree problem
  • dumping - illegal
  • footpath or road damage
  • general enquiry
  • graffiti
  • lost dog
  • noise
  • parks
  • pollution.

Some requests will have specific fields for you to enter information.

Can I check on the status of a request?

Yes, visit the CityWatch page and click the 'saved requests' link. Your previous requests will be available, along with their current status. Note: CityWatch uses a browser cookie to store your information; if you have cleared your browser's cookies you will no longer see your previous requests.

Can I contact Council about my request?

Yes, if you need to follow up your request, please quote the request number displayed onscreen when you submit your CityWatch request.

Can I access CityWatch from my mobile device?

Yes, CityWatch has been designed to work from your mobile device. You can even add CityWatch to your home screen on your smartphone.

Click here to watch a tutorial of how to add a website shortcut to your iPhone home screen.

Click here to watch a tutorial of how to add a website shortcut to your Android home screen.