Mobile CCTV

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Council has a mobile Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) trailer that can be used to help prevent crime in public areas and to protect public safety.

The CCTV, known as 'Iris', is now being deployed when needed and we want to assure our residents of their right to privacy.

Council understands the competing needs between the necessities for security, public safety and the right to privacy. As a result, a Council Policy - 'Mobile Closed Circuit Television Council Policy' - has been created that provides a framework for the use of Iris. The policy details how images recorded by Iris will be collected, stored, retained, disclosed and disposed.

The City of West Torrens strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all residents, visitors, businesses and employees. Iris will be used across West Torrens as a crime prevention tool which may aid investigations into crimes that occur in our area. Being a mobile unit, Iris can be easily relocated to any 'hotspots' throughout our city.

Why the name Iris?

When Council purchased the CCTV trailer in 2018, a competition for school-aged children to name the trailer and provide a community safety message was undertaken.

As a result, a young student of South Plympton Primary School, Max, was chosen as the winner for his name Iris and the message 'Iris is keeping you safe'.

Further information about Iris can be obtained from Council on 8416 6333.

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