CCTV deployment

Published on 29 September 2022

Iris - CCTV.jpg

Council has deployed its mobile CCTV 'Iris' in Lorraine Avenue, Lockleys following a number of resident complaints. At this stage, Iris will be in this vicinity for one week.

From time to time, Council deploys the CCTV to assist with public safety.

We understand there are competing needs between security and public safety and the right to privacy and we wish to assure you that the use of Iris is purely for public safety reasons.


Any data recorded on Iris will only be reviewed if it is in relation to the request (in this case safety). Data will be reviewed by a Council Officer only if a witness can provide a specific date and time in order for the Council Officer to revise the material. If any recorded data is useful, it may be provided to the South Australian Police for law enforcement/investigation purposes.

All CCTV recordings will be retained by the City of West Torrens for a minimum of 31 days. Any recordings or images downloaded from Iris for disclosure to a third party (such as SAPOL) will be retained for a minimum of seven years. Any recordings that have not been downloaded and are subject to the 31 days retention will automatically be overwritten and, consequently, the information disposed of.


Should you have any concerns or questions, please contact Council on 8416 6333, email


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