To pay for your printing, you can add credit to your library card. You can pay by cash or EFTPOS. Please be aware that credit added at the Hamra Centre Library is only available for use at the Hamra Centre Library.

Printing straight from your USB is not available. You will need to either use one of our computers or use our web printing service. 


Cost of black and white printing:

  • 20 cents per A4 page,
  • 40 cents per A3 page.

Cost of colour printing:

  • $1 per A4 page,
  • $2 per A3 page.

Web printing

Need to print something from your own device? Try web printing!

You can send a print job remotely to the Hamra Centre printer. Please ensure you have your library barcode and PIN handy.

Step 1 - uploading your file for printing

  1. Go to our Web printing page.
  2. Log in using your library card number and PIN.
  3. Click on 'Select file' to upload the file you want to print. The total cost will be displayed. Note: you can change the print settings by clicking 'Change' - e.g. colour/b&w; one/two sided.
  4. Your file is uploaded and ready for release.

Note: print jobs are not printed automatically for privacy reasons.

Step 2 - releasing (printing) your print

  1. Visit the Hamra Centre Library at 1 Brooker Terrace, Hilton, within 24 hours to release your print job.
  2. Scan your library card at the printer.
  3. Select the job(s) you wish to print.
  4. Press 'Print'.