Copying and scanning



Photocopying is available at the Hamra Centre Library.

You can pay for your photocopying either by cash or EFTPOS. Credit can be either added to your Library card or you can use a Guest Ticket. Please be aware that credit added at the Hamra Centre Library is only available for use at the Hamra Centre Library. If you have your Library card replaced, remember to ask the staff to transfer any credit on your old card.

Cost of black and white photocopying:

  • 20 cents per A4 page,
  • 40 cents per A3 page.

Cost of colour photocopying:

  • $1 per A4 page,
  • $2 per A3 page.


Free scanning is available at the Hamra Centre Library.

The Library Document Station allows you to scan documents with several options to save them. You can:

  • save them to USB
  • email them
  • email them from your Gmail address
  • send them to your cloud account (e.g. Google Drive or OneDrive)
  • send them to one of our computers.

You can also scan documents as a pdf, searchable pdf, Word doc, JPEG, PNG or TIFF file.

Simply follow the prompts on the touch screen.

Please note: you can also scan to USB and email using the inbuilt scanner in our photocopiers.