Greening West Torrens

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Tree selection and planting

Trees chosen for planting through our greening program are selected according to:

  • overall suitability of the tree for shade, avenue planting, biodiversity conservation, amenity, habitat value
  • size of the site where the tree is to be planted
  • growth rate and lifespan
  • soil conditions
  • pest and disease tolerance
  • existing infrastructure and streetscape
  • other uses of the site
  • public safety
  • maintenance needs
  • other services and utility providers.

Native versus exotic trees

Site suitability is considered when choosing between evergreen or deciduous varieties.

Native trees may be chosen where site conditions are suitable. However, in some situations it is more practical to plant exotic trees.

Fact sheets

Download fact sheets for the current palette of street trees within West Torrens below:

Box elder maple sensation

'Bradford' callery pear pyrus calleryana

Capital callery pear

Chinese pistachio 

Chinese tallow sapium sebiferum

Crepe myrtle

Euky dwarf eucalyptus leucoxylon

Golden rain koelreuteria paniculata

Hackberry celtis occidentalis

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Japanese zelkova

Maidenhair ginkgo biloba 

Melia azedarach 'elite'

Smooth-barked Apple Myrtle

Trident Maple