Native plants

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What is a local native plant?

A local native (or locally indigenous) plant is native to a specific region, having adapted to the soil and climate conditions of that area. This differs to the broader definition of ‘native’ that describes the country a plant is from, such as Australian native. A plant can be locally indigenous to an area and also an Australian native.

Benefits of native plants

Local native plants are adapted to local soil, rainfall and climate conditions. They are an important part of the environment and offer many benefits, including:

  • habitat and food for native wildlife including birds and butterflies
  • low nutrient and water requirements due to being adapted to local conditions
  • low maintenance
  • flower throughout the year when many other plants are dormant (particularly in winter).

Gardening with local native plants

Local native plants can suit a variety of garden styles including cottage, formal, courtyard, contemporary and bushland themes. Incorporating local native plants into your garden helps create a more sustainable landscape, promoting biodiversity and the conservation of species of plants that are becoming rare, threatened or endangered in their natural environment. Several nurseries specialise in growing native plants for the Adelaide region. See the Native plant nurseries list for further details.

Free native plants for your garden

Each year we provide a limited number of native plants to residents through our Native Plant Giveaway.  Register for GreenE-news to receive further information when the event is held, or keep an eye out on social media.