Fences walls and retaining walls

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You need Development Approval to build a fence, privacy screen or retaining wall if any of the following apply:

  • the site is listed as a heritage place or located in a Historic Conservation Area as outlined in the West Torrens Council Development Plan
  • the site is located in a flood prone area (as outlined in the West Torrens Council Development Plan)
  • the fence will be built with masonry and will be more than one metre high
  • a retaining wall will retain a difference in ground level greater than one metre
  • a brush fence will be closer than three metres to an existing/ proposed building (Class 1 or Class 2 under the Building Code)
  • the fence will be higher than 2.1 metres.

Note 1: a cut off may be required if your property is on a corner.

Note 2: when land either side of a fence is at different levels, the height of the fence includes any retaining wall which the fence is attached to. The total height of the fence is measured from its lowest level.

If none of the above applies to your fence you don’t need development approval.

If you're not sure if your property is a heritage place or in a flood prone area

Contact us if you’re unsure if your property is:

  • a State Heritage place
  • a Local Heritage place
  • located in a Historic Conservation Area
  • in a flood prone area.

Applying for Development Approval

When you are ready to apply for Development Approval for a fence or wall go to Development applications for further details.

Download the Fences and retaining walls checklist for information about what you need to submit with your application form.

More information

Email the City Development Team or contact 8416 6333 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.