What's the best way to recycle? The smart way!

From 1 July 2022, local residents in West Torrens have the chance to have their recyclable items collected from their house - for free.

Council is trialling the RecycleSmart program for the next 6 months to assess the value of such a service in our local area.

RecycleSmart has already partnered with 12 councils in New South Wales, with West Torrens being the first council in South Australia, and the rest of Australia, to take up the project.

How does it work?

Residents can simply sign up at RecyleSmart and start taking advantage of the free collection. You can also download the app from both iPhone and Android app stores, which gives you the advantage of booking a service while on the go.

People can book up to two bags (shopping bag size) per month for free to be collected, or can book an on-demand pick up for $5 per bag. All bags are collected by local drivers - all you need to do is leave them at your front door.

RecycleSmart will collect:

  • e-waste
  • clothes
  • problem/tricky waste - such as batteries and lightbulbs.

All users have to do is bag items, book a pick up and the driver will collect from your home.

Find out more and sign up at RecycleSmart.

Note: at this time collection of soft plastics are on hold due to a supply chain issue. We are working with our suppliers to resolve this matter. Thank you for your patience.

What size bags can I use?

RecycleSmart collects hard to recycle things by the bag. Here are your options.

What will be collected?

RecycleSmart collects a range of items, especially tricky waste. Read more here.

Become a local RecycleSmart driver

RecycleSmart is a growing start-up businesses and they're keen to seek like-minded recruits to grow. Find out how you can become a driver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to know more? RecycleSmart's FAQs section provides information on:

  • preparing for your pick up
  • what gets collected
  • what happens on the day of pick up
  • payments, bookings and cancellation
  • what happens after pick up.

Find out the answers to these and a range of other questions.