A verge is the strip of land between the footpath and the kerb and road.  It’s also the land on roundabouts and other traffic control devices.

Verges are treated with grass, compacted rubble or plants.


Who looks after the verge

You are encouraged to maintain the verge at the front and side of your house. This means:

  • watering
  • mowing
  • weeding.


Council assistance

We can provide help if you are aged or disabled and are unable to mow your verge. If eligible your verge lawns can be mowed up to eight times per year.


Reducing maintenance

To help reduce verge maintenance lawn can be replaced with alternatives such as: 

  • indigenous grasses
  • groundcovers
  • compacted rubble.

Please note we can supply compacted rubble only. Other treatments are your expense.

Contact us to find out more about this service or submit a request online.


Redeveloping a verge

You may develop the verge adjacent to your property.

Before doing any work contact us to make sure that your plans meet the required standards.


What you can plant on the verge

You can plant ground covers and small shrubs.

You cannot plant trees. If you would like a tree to be planted contact us.


What we can do

If the existing materials are unsuitable we can:

  • supply garden loam
  • replace with compacted rubble
  • water young trees planted by us.


What we can’t do

  • plant new lawn
  • excavate existing material
  • supply plants
  • look after new plants.


Requests and reports

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