Footpaths & roads

A permit is needed for any use of the footpath or road except for moveable signs, which are covered by a by-law.

This applies to both business and building purposes, including:


Business uses

  • banners and signs
  • moveable signs
  • outdoor dining
  • real estate signs
  • temporary stalls
  • goods on footpath e.g. Mother's Day flower sellers, shops
  • selling goods from a vehicle (lunch trucks, ice cream vans).


Building uses

  • hoardings
  • skips and containers.


Getting permission to use the footpath

To apply for a permit to use the footpath read the relevant guidelines and then complete the application form.



Commercial vending on public roads pdf (126KB).

Mobile vending on public roads pdf (107KB).

Outdoor dining areas on footpaths pdf (153KB).

Displaying Mothers Day flowers on the footpath pdf (114KB).

Real estate advertising boards on footpaths pdf (113KB).

Temporary vending from street stalls pdf (101KB).

Temporary placement of hoardings, scaffolding or fencing on public roads and footpaths pdf (146KB).

Temporary placement of containers on public roads and footpaths pdf (113KB).



Use of public footpaths and roads for business purposes application. pdf (81KB)

Temporary placement of containers and hoardings on public roads and footpaths application pdf (112KB).


Moveable signs

All businesses are entitled to use one moveable sign placed on the footpath, road verge or other Council property. 

Development approval is not required for moveable signs. All signs must comply with By-Law No. 4.

Download By-Law No 4 for Moveable Signs pdf (481KB).

Find our more about moveable signs.


Fees and other information

Fees are payable with at the time of submitting your permit application. 

You must also provide:

  • evidence of Public liability insurance cover ($20,000,000)
  • site plans 1:100 (outdoor dining, hoarding, goods on footpath, skips & containers)
  • traffic impact surveys (Outdoor dining, hoarding, skips & containers)
  • DETI  confirmation/approvals for traffic diversions/management – arterial roads only
  • any information or requirements specified in the guidelines for each category.


Application processing time

Allow 7 to 14 working days for applications to be processed.

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