Traffic and transport

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Traffic controls

Traffic controls are used to keep our roads safe and accessible for everyone to use.

The types of traffic controls we put in place and maintain are:

  • roundabouts, speed humps and chicanes
  • line markings and crossings
  • street lighting.

Our responsibilities

Where we install traffic controls on local roads is determined by Council's Transport Strategy. We are not responsible for installing traffic controls on state roads.

Monitoring the traffic

We continually monitor traffic movements to identify if traffic calming devices and other safety measures need to be considered.

Devices are placed on local roads to collect data about:

  • the volume of traffic in a street
  • the time and direction of travel
  • average vehicle speeds.

Improvements to streets are often included with road reconstruction programs or stormwater drainage projects.

Transport Strategy

The Transport Strategy (2009) guides how we can best best meet traffic needs during the next 20 years. It considers future traffic and parking demands in arterial and local road networks.

View the Transport Strategy.