Stobie pole art

If you wish to paint a stobie pole in your local area you must first obtain permission from SA Power Networks, not the City of West Torrens.

Contact Danni-elle from SA Power Networks on:
Direct: 08 8391 7739
Facsimile: 08 8391 7787

Below are some simple guidelines in order to make sure that your artwork complies with the requirements of SA Power Networks and so that we can keep a record of the works that you produce.

Before painting stobie poles consider:

  • That the painted image shall not be higher than 2 metres from ground level.
  • That the artwork being placed on the poles may not constitute commercial advertising e.g. business name or logo, political material, local messages or directions or any other material likely to offend.
  • That permission has been obtained from SA Power networks.
  • That you consult with the residents directly adjacent the proposed stobie pole site before commencement and gain their approval to paint - they may want to have input into the theme of the work.
  • That you are responsible for any ongoing maintenance of the artwork and understand that if the artwork is tagged, SA Power Networks will paint over the work at their discretion.The use of an anti-graffiti coating should be considered once completed (especially if the work is to be on display long-term).
  • That during the painting process, consideration be given to the safety of the participants and the public, e.g. use of orange cones, high visibility vests etc. where appropriate. Council can provide these upon request. Please contact the Community Services department on 8416 6333.
  • That you supply the City of West Torrens with images of the finished works, artists names and other relevant information such as date and location for our records.

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