Legionella control

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Legionella is a bacteria that causes a type of pneumonia called Legionellosis. It is widely distributed in the natural environment and to survive, Legionella obtains nutrients by invading other organisms such slimes, sludges and other bacteria.

The bacteria is destroyed immediately when temperatures reach 700C, but multiply at temperatures ranging from 20-450C, that is why they can be found growing in high risk manufactured water systems such as cooling water systems and warm water systems. People become infected with the bacteria from inhaling aerosols released from high risk manufactured water systems

Controlling Legionella

The Public and Environmental Health (Legionella) Regulations 2013, address cooling water systems and warm water systems to assist in the control of Legionella in the community. The Guidelines for the Control of Legionella have been developed to assist owner and operators to understand the Regulations and control Legionella in high risk manufactured water systems.

Owner(s) of premises where a high risk manufactured water system are required to register the system with Council.

Registration forms

In accordance with the regulations, system owners are required to notify us within 24 hours of receiving a report indicating the presence of Legionella in a water sample from the system.

More information

Email the Service Centre or contact 8416 6333 and ask to speak with an Environmental Health Officer.