Exercising & socialising your dog

On and off leash areas

There are rules about places dogs can be allowed off-leash to run and play.  These rules cover local streets, parks and beaches. 

Find out where your dog can be allowed off leash.


Dog parks

Council provides two dedicated dog parks that are designed for dogs to get exercise and socialise.

Find out more about Pooch Park.

Find out more about West Torrens Dog Park.


Picking up after your dog

Picking up after your dog is your responsibility.  To keep our area clean and safe we provide refuse bags for your use in disposing of dog droppings. 

Find out more about hygienic disposal of dog droppings and your responsibilities.



Socialisation classes for puppies help them to learn how to behave in situations they’ll encounter through life. 

They’re an important part of your pet’s wellbeing and development.

Find out more about socialisation classes for puppies.