Caring for your pet

Fleas and worms

Fleas and worms can make your pet uncomfortable and unwell and can be treated cheaply and easily.

Common pet diseases can be prevented by routine vaccinations.

Find out about worm and flea treatments and vaccinations for your dog or cat.


Desexing your dog or cat

Desexing your dog or cat prevents antisocial behaviour and unwanted litters.

Microchipping is an inexpensive and efficient way to make sure your pet can be returned to you if lost.

Obedience school for pets helps them to learn how to behave around humans and other pets and gives owner skills too.

Find out more about Desexing, microchipping and obedience classes for your pet.


Thunderstorms and fireworks

Thunderstorms and fireworks can cause animals distress. 

Find out how to minimise anxiety in your pets.