Problems & complaints

Barking dogs

Persistent barking in dogs can cause conflict between neighbours and usually indicate a problem with the dog.

Find out how to prevent persistent barking and avoid conflict.


Dog attacks

Owners are responsible for their dogs and must maintain reasonable control to prevent attacks or bites.

Council will take action in the event of a dog attack.

Learn what to do in the event of a dog attack.


Controlling your dog

Dog owners must make sure that reasonable control is kept at all times.  There are some measures that can be taken to make sure dogs do not have opportunities to get into trouble.

Find out about controlling your dog.


Missing dogs

If your dog is missing or if you find a lost or abandoned dog, we can help.

Find out what to do about a missing, lost or abandoned dog.


Cats in the neighbourhood

Cats roaming the neighbourhood can be a problem for other people.

Find out how you can avoid conflict over your cat and how to deal with nuisance cats.



Foxes are attracted to food sources in urban areas.

Find out more information on how to deter foxes.