Grants, donations & sponsorships

Please note: Each year the City of West Torrens awards grants to local community organisations and individuals for a variety of projects around sport, recreation, environment, arts, technology and science.

All grant applications which are submitted to the City of West Torrens are reviewed by our Council's Elected Members and, as a result, grants are awarded to successful applicants.

Later this year Local Government bodies in South Australia will be involved in the 2018 Local Government Elections (September - November). During this time Elected Members are not allowed to make decisions which could be perceived as influencing voters.* This means that any grant applicants made during this time cannot be referred to, nor approved, by Elected Members.

Local organisations and people wishing to apply for grants can still apply during this period, however decisions around successful applicants will not be made until December 2018.

*City of West Torrens Council Policy - Elections Period Caretaker Policy 


Grants program


Council provides funding to the West Torrens' community through various grant programs.


How to apply

All applications for City of West Torrens' grants and sponsorships can be accessed though our online SmartyGrants system. 


Community Grants

Our Community Grants provide funds to eligible groups and organisations that support the aspirations outlined in Council's 'Towards 2025 Community Plan'. 

Grants include:

  • Community and Environment Grants
  • Equipment Grants.

For  more information about these, contact the Administration Officer,Community Services on 8416 6333


Junior Development Grants

Our Junior Development Grants program is for people aged under 18 years to support the following activities:

  • sport and recreation
  • science and technology
  • history, arts and culture.

Applications are open throughout the year until funding runs out.

When up to three members of the same organisation are attending the same event the maximum grant amount per person is:

  • $100 if activities are held within South Australia
  • $200 if activities are held interstate
  • $500 if activities are held overseas.

When more than three members of an organisation are attending the same event the amount available is to be equally shared between them:

  • $300 if activities are held in South Australia
  • $600 if activities are held interstate
  • $1,500 if activities are held overseas.

For more information about Junior Development Grants, phone 8416 6333 or email


Donations program

Our Donations Program provides support for community organisations and groups working with people in need.

We may also be able to help in cases of urgent need or emergency situations not budgeted by an organisation.


Sponsorship Program

Our Sponsorship Program provides financial support to community organisations and groups for staging events and activities for the benefit of the local community.



More information

Email the Team Leader Community Development or phone 8416 6333.

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