Rebates for new and established trees

Published on 15 September 2022

Plant a tree web graphic.jpg

Cash rebates are currently available for local residents to plant shady trees and maintain existing trees on their properties.

Plant a shady tree

This rebates provides a cash incentive to plant a shady tree in a front garden or backyard. The aim is to enhance the shading and cooling of private properties in West Torrens.

Council recognises the need to create a green and cool city to counteract the loss of trees and shading occurring on many private properties. More trees and shade will create more liveable neighbourhoods and help build resilience to a drier climate with increased heatwaves.

Maintain a tree

This rebate provides financial assistance for property owners to take action that helps maintain significant or regulated trees. This action could include pruning or other services provided by an arborist.

Council is aware of the vital role significant and regulated trees play, some of which may be remnants of original native vegetation. Other significant and regulated trees may have been planted by the early European settlers for commemoration, dedications to important people or to mark significant events in history. This rebate program encourages the community to retain and maintain these important trees.


Applications for both rebates will be processed on a first come, first serve basis until 30 June 2023 or until all funding is exhausted. Funding is subject to Council's annual budget processes and accordingly the funding is limited.

Applications for both rebates can be made through our online SmartyGrants system.