My Local Services - report issues + bin notifications

Published on 01 February 2024


Now you can report issues and receive timely notifications about your bin collection schedules all from one app - the My Local Services app. 

How to download the app

Residents can easily download the My Local Services app for free. It's available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Begin your download by tapping on the links below:

Download the app from the Apple App Store

Download the app from Google Play Store

Key features of the My Local Services app

The app provides these essential features to residents of the City of West Torrens:

  • Weekly bin reminders: never miss a bin collection day with tailored reminder notifications.
  • Report local issues: easily report concerns like damaged footpaths or graffiti directly to us.

Important information for residents using the existing bin SMS reminders

The app's push notifications for bin collection dates will replace the current SMS bin notifications. To continue receiving bin collection reminders, please switch to the My Local Services app. Existing bin SMS users will be notified that the service is soon to be discontinued in the coming weeks.

The My Local Services app is designed to enhance your living experience in West Torrens, keeping you updated and connected with important local services. Download it today!